Audit hours at small CPA firm

My previous post mentioned the random hours that small firm auditors have. One of the reasons I like (and dislike) working for a small CPA firm is the relaxed mentality. I can take days off pretty frequently, and without even telling anyone. If im not booked on a client and dont show up to the office, no one knows.

Some weeks we work 12 hour days, other weeks im barely making 40 hours for the entire week. It varies greatly, but im usually home around 6-630 pm every night.


  1. Just being able to take days of easily and frequently would make it worth it for me. But I wonder, do you ever get paid time off? I currently work for a large firm, with set hours (that suck), but I do get PTO, which is very nice. Being able to make money when I was on vacation last year with my family allowed us to still have a good Christmas.

    1. Mike, it sounds like you have found yourself a good CPA firm to work for. I am looking for a CPA firm to help out my business. We have had some trouble with our finances and it has taken a toll on our profits.

  2. I have recently incorporated a number of businesses that I own. I have been going through a number of suggestions of ways to run the company from some of my mentors. Hiring a CPA firm has been one of the common suggestions I've received. I know that it would obviously be valuable to have this type of help especially as I start making more money. In your experience working in the field do you think it's better to hire a smaller firm or to go with one of the larger ones?