Alone in the Audit

There's something very creepy about being at the office by yourself after everyone has gone home for the night. Its only happened to me a handful of times, but I still get a little bit paranoid. I always feel as though someone else is with me. Although I'm an adult (and supposed to be mature... although these pictures are almost as good as a 6 year old), I still get that same feeling of when I was left alone at home as a kid. Every creaking sound or rustling in the bushes freaks me out.

After some time, I start to get so riled up that I make myself mad. I am overly determined to beat up whoever is intruding on our office. Soon I find myself skulking around the office. I am in operative mode. I will find whoever or whatever made the noise. Quickly, however, my confidence dwindles as I go from office to office...

 Eventually (like every night) I give in and figure my imagination is getting the better of me. I go home, sleep, come back to work, and redo the whole bit over and over again.

I know this is not much of a post... Ive just been staying later at the office.. by myself... so this is the only thing that distracts me from all the noises. But I guess if I spent less time drawing, and more time working.. I would not have to stay so late... Oh well...


  1. Working at work does kinda suck. I'm enjoying you staying late... and yeah, wtf is up with weird noises only appearing when you're alone somewhere. Eeeerie.

  2. I am always more motivated to do creative work when I'm supposed to be doing real work. As soon as I have some free time at home, the urge to draw and write just leaves... hmmm.

    Also, I was alone at the office on tuesday, not for the first time, but it seemed so much EMPTIER...