CPA Raise

Current Mood: Anxious
Career Outlook: Good
Job Title: Staff Accountant (2 yr)

Ok... I have passed BEC with an 83, FAR with a 79, and I am waiting on AUD scores, and about to take REG in a few weeks. The new AICPA score release system is driving me a little nuts. Its taking them such long time to get the scores out.

I really hope that getting my CPA will improve my career. Many small public accounting firms are not too strict on getting your CPA. Some of them do not even require it to become senior accountant or even audit manager. My firm is pretty relaxed when it comes to the CPA. We get a pretty hefty bonus for passing the exam, but word around the office is that no raises will be given for passing the exam. (The accounting industry gives an avg raise of 10% for passing the exam).

This bums me out a bit... all the hard work and countless hours of sacrifice and studying should warrant that I get a raise. These endless angry nights had better be worth it!

We will see what happens when I finally pass the exam and can call myself a CPA.


  1. Our firm doesn't given any bonus for passing the examing or getting the license :(
    And since I passed *before* I started working(which should be a good thing) I'm assuming I don't get a salary increase for passing it.
    I just hope that when I get the actual license it counts for something.

  2. You don't have to worry and hurry to call your self CPA just prepared.Because if you think the percentage of passing it will only effect your studying.Good luck.

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