So the last few months have been pretty crazy. I received an official promotion from staff accountant to senior accountant now. The workload has literally doubled. The pay increase was pretty good, but now I am forced to work longer hours. Being an audit lead has its advantages and disadvantages so far.

Advantages are:
  • You can delegate the busy work to others
  • Work more flexible hours (i.e. working from home)
  • Make all the major calls to any audit enagement. Its fun being in charge at such a young age
  • Pay increase
  • Being a boss after just 1-2 years of work
  • Taking on engagements and implementing my own managerial philosophy
Disadvantages are:
  • I have to work more hours
  • I have much much more responsibility
  • I constantly have interns asking me ridiculous questions (of course the same stupid questions I myself asked as an intern. 
  • Tired all the time now
  • Weekends consist of me planning or reviewing workpapers
  • Having to tell my coworkers what to do (especially when I was promoted and they werent... somewhat awkward)
To commemorate my promotion I have decided to illustrate the mindset of various positions in public accounting. Now this is not all true, but its based on my current experience and what I have gathered from others. Enjoy :D