Wrap up Audit Season

Current Mood: Relieved
Career Outlook: Decent
Job Title: Staff Accountant (1 yr)

Well... we have been officially done with the majority of fieldwork for about a week now... There are a few pros and cons to this:

  • No overnight travel
  • Home at a reasonable hour
  • Only need to go to one location day after day
  • Not as much work to do
  • If you are staff; much more relaxed atmosphere

  • Tired of the drive and day to day routine
  • Have to see the same people everyday for the next 3 months
  • No gas reimbursement
  • Not as much work to do
  • If you are senior/manager/partner; most stressful time of audit season

So all in all.. I kind of miss field work already. I cant imagine a job where I have to go to the same office, everyday, for 10-15 years (or maybe up to 40 years). No wonder most people are unhappy. Whats funny is that during audit season, I complain that I want to go to one office everyday, how I am sick of traveling, and sick of the hours. As of now I miss them.

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