Holiday Break

Current Mood: Bored out of my mind
Career Outlook: Decent
Job Title:
Staff Accountant (1 yr)

Been doing nothing but proofs and scanning documents for 3 weeks... There is almost no work to do right now. Currently mailing out tax engagements so we can get our tax season underway. The boredom is quite intense. I'm glad I don't have to do this type of work everyday. Plus the copy machine is killing my eyes.


  1. Wow, sounds, very boring.... Why don't you take a vacation then? Or better yet, go look for another job? I'm bored with my job too. I have work to do, but it's so boring to me I can't bear it anymore. I am looking for other employements right now....

  2. Took a vacation already. If I take any more time off it will be unpaid. I don't want to look for another job either. I like my current position. Its just that when audit season is over and slowing down there isnt much to do. Which is actually a nice break from the long hours we do 10 months out of the year