New Office

Current Mood: Excited
Career Outlook: VERY Positive
Job Title:
Staff Accountant (2 yr)

Just moved out of the bullpen and into a shared office. Not much of a post, but at least Im moving up in the ranks. Also im supposed to be getting my own clients in April. This means more $$$, more responsibility, and more late hours. After working as an intern for 6 months, then a staff accountant for 1.5 years, I finally get a promotion (about time, right?)

I must say that I am already really please with the office. I do share it with a few people but that's still pretty cool. I'm just enjoying the fact that I don't have to hear the copier/phone/stapler/printer/fax machine all making noise at the same time. I had dreams of going "office space" on it...


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