Clients = Frustrating

Current Mood: Frustrated
Career Outlook: Positive
Job Title: Staff Accountant (2 yr)

So I officially have three clients as of right now. Its pretty cool moving up the ranks and getting more responsibility. Our firms turnover rate is increasing as of right now. One audit manager just left (of the 3 we have) and another may be leaving as well. This leaves as with many many clients to pass around.

I am a bit frustrated with my clients right now. One of them I don't have to do on-site fieldwork, so they usually send me a box full of the invoices and information I require. Well.. its been almost 4 weeks and I have yet to receive a box. I emailed the one employee in charge and she has yet to respond.

Another one of my clients refuses to make any of the adjusting journal entries we give them. So each year we have a plethora of entries to make... not fun.

And my final client is supposed to send me the management rep letter.. two weeks ago.. good luck with that.

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