Unreliable Office

If you've never worked (or even been) inside of a building that was built during the American revolution, this post may not be for you. Our office is in the dumps, and completely void of anything technologically advanced. And by technologically advanced I mean stuff like doorknobs...

My terrible story started when I went to use one of the stalls in the bathroom. Now once I was finished, I began to exit the stall as one does when they wish to exit any type of enclosed area... by turning the handle. To my surprise the handle fell off.

Now I began to panic. I began to kick the door, jump into it, but gosh darn it... IT WOULDN'T OPEN! I quickly thought about my options. The first option was to yell for help....

Hmmmmm bad idea... I dont really want my boss to remember me as the guy who got stuck in the stall... My next option was to wait until someone came in and help me out... but the problem was what if no one came in... it was friday... I may be stuck here over the weekend! I may have to live off of toilet water! What if I died?!
I didnt want my tombstone to read "The guy who died in the bathroom"... I then had to get down on the floor (which was disgusting) and climb under the stall. It was by far one of the most gross actions I have ever had to take.. But the feeling of freedom was pure ecstasy!

Best part was, two days later, someone else got stuck in the same stall and ALSO climbed under it... Oh I love being an auditor.


  1. Oh God! That really was disgusting. But you had to do it, and it gave you the freedom you wanted. So no regrets, right? LOL! You should have reported that to your boss so that the big people in your company would consider moving to a much more "technologically advanced" office. For sure, they wouldn't want to be stuck there themselves!

  2. Haha ya, that makes me wonder who else has gotten stuck in that disgusting stall. LOL I dont want to imagine the partner having to climb through what I did